How to create interesting content on Instagram

If you want to grow your Instagram account, the first thing you should do is to buy instagram followers. This will increase the authority of your profile and attract more followers. Next, you need to cue up how you will hold the interest of your audience. Now there are many great tips to help you succeed. We’ll look at some of them in this article.

An interview or synopsis

Is there a specialist in your field that you admire? Or a customer with an interesting story? An interview with an expert, answers to frequently asked user questions, or a brief product review is content that’s great from all angles. Subscribers get useful information, and the brand shows its expertise and answers the most popular questions or needs. This type of content can be promoted in several ways.

  1. Regular posts in the feed. For example, videos of up to 60 seconds with a recap or the most interesting moments of an interview.
  2. Instagram stories. This is where you can post selected snippets of the interview. Just remember that each story can be up to 15 seconds long. If you add a longer video, such as 45 seconds, Instagram will automatically divide it into shorter stories. Don’t forget to add subtitles to Stories, as many users watch them with the sound off. 
  3. IGTV. In IGTV, you can publish the entire interview and then promote it in your profile or Stories.
  4. Live streaming. Confident, well-prepared and able to act spontaneously? Answer questions live, interview a guest/expert or review a product. Then you can save the video, edit it, and use it later in your feed or Stories.

Contests and giveaways

Run promotions – limited-time sales or discounts for special dates. This could be Black Friday, Cyber Monday, an employee’s birthday, or any other day special to the company. Make a funny video with text briefly explaining the rules, or post a picture of the prize you plan to give away. State the rules in the caption of the post. This is not only an idea for engaging content, but also a way to increase your subscriber base and reach. If you offer a giveaway for a subscription, be smart – you might get a lot of untargeted followers who will leave right after the promotion.

Profile as collage

This takes a lot of work, preparation and planning, but it’s worth it. If you look at the profile as a whole, it can become a unique showcase for the company. Do not forget that people come to social networks not only for shopping, but also for interesting content and communication. The specifics of Instagram are the visuals, which should attract attention and make you go deeper into the content. A good example: the profile of a company that produces bottled water. Constantly posting water ads is not the kind of content that will attract users. But if you present the product as water extracted from the wilderness, it will push the boundaries of publication topics. It’s easier to like an eagle in a spectacular landscape than a bottle of mineral water. That way you can attract the attention of more than 500 instagram followers and hold it permanently.