A collection of facts about sex

Human relationships are always full of mysteries and interesting facts. Especially when it comes to the most intimate part of the relationship between a man and a woman. For you, we have selected a few interesting facts. If you are worried about erection problems, visit https://svensktapotek.net/.


The resident of Germany, Mischa Stuntz, decided to increase his penis with silicone. In his 45 years, he has an organ that weighs more than 4 kilograms. Its length is 22 cm, and in width almost 10 cm. Now it is quite difficult for him to hide it from outsiders. Although Misha says that he has no special problems with this size. The only thing is that it is not very convenient to buy pants, because it is difficult to choose the size.


In the mid-twentieth century, two scientists W. Johnson and W. Masters were the first to prove that engaging in masturbation is not contrary to the normal state. Since then it has gradually come to be regarded as a commonplace phenomenon, which is not capable of causing harm to health. Research has confirmed these theses. The American Psychiatric Association in the late 1960s recognized masturbation as one of the disorders of the human mental condition. For a long time it was believed that masturbation can cause various diseases. In ancient times, masturbation was considered unseemly. It was believed that a man when he ejaculates like this causes a small loss of part of his brain.

Love is a drug

During falling in love, there is a high concentration of dopamine in the human body. This substance appears in the body only on two occasions. When a person satisfies the feeling of hunger and when he has sex and has an orgasm. Thus, the body receives a certain reward. A signal is given to the brain that everything is okay and it can be satisfied. The need to be with another person stems from the fact that one constantly wants a feeling of satisfaction and a well-deserved reward. During the course of development, mankind has developed several alternative ways to trick his body. This effect occurs with the use of alcohol or various drugs. In this case, the brain does not receive the dopamine it needs, but simply receives satisfaction from taking these drugs.

However, there is an important advantage to lovemaking. When a person takes drugs, the brain cells begin to break down, so the production of dopamine can stop completely. Having sex has no such side effects. If weak erections prevent you from having sex, you should visit https://svensktapotek.net/viagra-professional/.

Have you heard of the Coolidge effect?

This is probably the first time many people have heard such a statement. It has a simple interpretation. This is what is commonly referred to as an increase in a man’s libido when he constantly and frequently changes partners for sex. If we take an example from the animal world, when bulls lose the desire to mate with cows, they are simply brought a new female with whom they had no contact before. As a result, the animal immediately begins to fulfill its masculine duties and produces mating.