DevOps assessment and how it works

You have definitely heard something about DevOps or even want to implement it in your company. DevOps is the best approach to software development nowadays. It is a flexible methodology that automates the process of software development and makes it smooth and efficient.

When you want to use DevOps services you should refer to DevOps consulting company or a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Such companies can make an assessment of your current infrastructure and provide DevOps transformation in the best way.

What is the DevOps assessment?

DevOps assessment is a process of system audit. When you hire an MSP, they provide you with the necessary specialists who will work with the project. At first, the DevOps Team Lead or Project Manager talks with your  CEO and stakeholders to understand the goals, expected results and other important details. After gathering this information, the Project Manager can understand what specialists are needed and how to reach the project goals best.

When the team is ready, the next step starts – project onboarding. The team studies all available documentation and information about the project looks at the assessment results and makes a strategy of DevOps transformation. Also, this step includes building all roadmaps, schemes, and plans for the project. After that, the team highlights the existing performance bottlenecks and implements the solutions to reduce them at first. This way, your system starts to work better already. Such a performance can include cloud migration or optimization of current infrastructure and workflows.

The main goal of DevOps transformation is the optimization of the current system. It might include cloud migration. In this case, your system might need redesigning for cloud platforms. The complexity of migration consists of the incompatibility of the cloud and on-prem software. You might use old versions of software or your system is legacy at all. So, such migration might be complicated. You shouldn’t be afraid of cloud migration because it is an important step in making your system more efficient. The longer you postpone cloud migration, the harder it would be. It is a normal way of company evolution, when some software and tools become old. If you change it in time, your system will work great.

There is one more option you can receive. If you don’t want or can’t migrate to the cloud, an experienced DevOps team can optimize the current on-prem system. For example, you have 12 servers but use capacity only of 4. A dedicated team would redesign the current system in the way it will work more efficiently. As a result, you will use 4 necessary servers only, this is great for cost-reduction.

After optimization and automation, the DevOps team provides maintenance of the project if needed and works with the team and internal processes. DevOps is a great approach that uses a lot of modern tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins and others, but there is also a lot of work with all the teams involved with the project. DevOps is not only the automation tool, but it is also a huge culture that includes teamwork. You can’t just redesign the infrastructure but without strong communication in a team, DevOps methodology will not so efficient.

How to find a DevOps team?

As we said, you might hire an MSP company that will provide you a with dedicated team. You might hire an in-house team but it is a harder and more expensive way. You will need to invest a lot in the recruitment and adaptation of every team member. Thus, the start of DevOps transformation with an in-house team will be quite later than start with a dedicated team. Also, there is a problem with the end of the project. You will need to pay the team after the project ends. Unlike the dedicated team, where you can just go in different directions. So, MSP is the simpler way of DevOps transformation.

 To find reliable Managed Service provider, look got the worldwide ratings and review. It would be great to have a conversation with previous customers and ask for real feedback. Also, you might have an interview with key specialists like Project Manager, Team Lead, Senior DevOps and developers. It will help you to understand while you want to work with these people or not. Another big advantage of work with MSP is that you can change the contractor almost at any moment if you want or need it.

Thus said, don’t be afraid of DevOps transformation and hiring a dedicated team. MSP with ample experience will make your project great and efficient.