Boost your CRM with Salesforce consulting

One of the main advantages of salesforce consulting services is the company’s ability to develop and implement the solution completely. Within the framework of successive stages or methodology of rapid implementation they are ready to analyze your business, design solutions for process automation, configure/refine the software package, integrate it with other external systems and applications.

How can a CRM system help increase profits?

  1. Data analysis. CRM-system helps to analyze your target audience, create advertising campaigns and promotions that suit your customers, and offer products that suit them.
  2. Team management. You can control your business processes with the CRM system from anywhere in the world: from the office, at home and on vacation. You will always keep your hand on the pulse of your business.
  3. Communicating with your customer. Communication with the customer comes down to several messengers, social networks and chat rooms in one common dialogue, so you’ll never lose information.
  4. Increase of efficiency. A CRM-system is much easier to track the effectiveness of employees, individual sales channels, advertising campaigns, and with this knowledge to optimize the work and costs of the business.

General list of implementation services

  • Collection and formalization of functional requirements: business, functional, to the solution (technical), product owners.
  • System design, conversion of all screen forms and their functional load to the needs of each individual employee of the enterprise.
  • Customizing the CRM workflow to your specific business: design objects, reports, letterheads, enterprise infrastructure, automatic business processes and sales processes, notification and control systems, budgeting, treasury, setting up security roles.
  • Development of system computing nodes, product configurators, point calculators and other web services.
  • Development of mobile applications for integration of the front user interface of the Customer’s system and customer interaction systems.
  • Development of one- and two-way CRM integration with other systems, including integration with contact centers.
  • Analysis of infrastructure, CRM installation and related systems.
  • Training of users, administrators and management of the company to use modern enterprise management systems.

The result, which should be oriented to the implementation of business solutions, including CRM, and which reflects its successful implementation is not a complete list of settings, integration or system functionality, but problem solving and meeting business needs. Experience in analyzing processes in various industries and business areas allows you to form a qualitative list of requirements to the system for the design, optimization and automation of business processes, which is conducted jointly with the Customer. Thus, the purpose of business consulting is to develop a strategy for achieving company goals in the system. 

You can get individual and group training in CRM system. Consultants provide training for users, managers and administrators. CRM training uses proven methods that take into account the specifics of the students’ readiness level. The training program is based on a functional, up-to-date version of CRM and takes into account sufficient trainees’ understanding of inherited functions from previous versions. The training embodies our accumulated experience and knowledge in a variety of projects. You will get exactly the skills that are useful for your business model.